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sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
Sinn Sage- 6 MINS
Your new doctor, Sinn Sage, is doing your annual exam today & she's going to get gloved up & do your prostate exam. She tells you to bend over & spreads your cheeks so she can sexily insert her gloved finger to massage your prostate. It gets you so hard & she sees it too. She takes out a thermometer & inserts that into your butt as well. You're so erect now & she is surprised to see such a nice thick cock on you that she totally encourages you to jerk it for her while she watches, gets turned on & totally encourages you with sexy JO talk. She gives you a few hand gestures and even reaches down to help you stroke it. Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
Step-daughter Shavelle Love - 6 MINS
Stepdaughter Shavelle comes home crying because her boyfriend broke up cuz she wouldn't put out! She really wants to get more "experience" in that area but doesn't know what to do & wants to get her boyfriend back. She sees you've got a tent in your pants and literally BEGS you to show her your cock & jerk it for her so she can learn how to jack off a boy. At first you're hesitant because she's your (step)daughter & it's very wrong but she really really needs this experience! Please? Ok fine, you take out your big man cock & she's shocked. She has a lot of questions as you start stroking your cock & follows with her hand. She wants to be a helpful dgirl so she grabs your cock like you're doing to help. Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
2 blondes Janira Wolfe & Izzy - 5 MINS
Real life (step) sisters Janira Wolfe & Izzy come out of their bedrooms into the living room & totally bust you jerking off right there in the living room. They totally didn't expect your dick to be so big!!! That's a shocker! They're pretty pervy as you discover when instead of making you stop they want to continue watching you stroke your dick while giving you jerk off instructions. Great banter between these real (step)sisters... they even sound the same! They're getting totally turned on watching you jack your big fat dick for them. Taboo masturbation instructions and when you cum all over in your hands, they want you to LICK UP all your cum, every last drop or else they'll tell Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
19yo Honey in mom's lingirie- 5 MINS
19yo (step)daughter Honey is busted in your walk in closet, touching your work shirts & wearing moms very sexy lacey hot pink lingirie. You haven't seen that on your wife in years since she's gained weight! Honey's embaressed at first, for getting busted but then like any girl, she's indignant & says that mom is fat now & can't wear this sexy stuff anyways!! She likes how the lingirie looks, don't you think it looks.... sexy... on her? It's making your dick so hard & she totally notices your hard dick & you blushing. She really wants to see your dick... and it turns out to be a very big man sized dick! She wants to see how a real man strokes while she prances around in moms sexy lingirie feeling like a grown sexy girl... she likes being the center of attention like this & now she's found a way to get this type of attention she's been craving from( Step)dad dearest ! Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
Jessica Taylor yoga mom jerk off - 8 MINS
slim blond MILF Jessica is in the living room with her butt in the air & you can help but stare at her. You know it's totally wrong for you to stare at your step-mother like that but she is the closest female to you. Shecatches you staring & notices that you have a big tent in your pants. She knows that sex ed should happen in the home where she can teach you things. WOW, it's huge now... you've really grown... from a boy to a man! Well she wants to watch you stroke it for her & she even teases you by giving you a peek at mommys boobs under her sports bra. She pulls her shorts up into her ass crack too, teasing her son as you stroke it hard & fast. Cum into her hands so she can taste her boy! Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
Horny step-aunt Bella- 7 MINS
Your moms (step)sister comes stumbling in after a few too many libations & she plops down next to you. She says there weren't any men at the bar tonight & she's feeling horny. Ooops... she probably shouldn't mention that in front of her (step) nephew.... but you've grown so much since she last saw you & she noticed that you started working out am growing into a man, not a boy! She wanted you to know she got her boobs done recently... do you like them?? She notices your hard cock under your pants and quickly grabs it while giggling... oops! She tells you to pull it out & it's pretty dang big!! She pulls out her huge boobs so you can suck on them & tells you to put your cock between them so you can tit fuck her too! You've heard that older women get very horny, more so than college girls who are still shy about their body. Especially older women that want to show off their new boobs & reaffirm their sexiness. She wants you to cum on her big boobs.... milk it nephew! t Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementlil mina taboo masturbation
Lil Mina gets naughty in the car- 6 MINS
asian stepsister Mina is in the car alone with you while you wait for your parents to get there. She hasn't seen you since she started college & missed having you around... way more than she thought she would! You point out that you can see her nipples through her tank top since she's not wearing a bra & she laughs & checks. Why are you even checking your own step-sis out like that!? You start getting so hard & she sees it right away and want you to take it out. She gets so turned on by the thought of her step-brother jerking off to her in the car but you have to stroke it real fast before your parents come back! She talks dirty to you & encourages you to stroke faster & faster until you cum into her open hands. She licks it up quickly because you see his mom & dad coming out Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementsinn sage taboo masturbation
Chloe Carter 19yo horny daughter - 8 MINS
Chloe really is a 19yo tattooed brat. You know that someone who has that many tattoos at that age is trouble and it's hard having this cute schoolgirl around as your (step)daughter. She almost caught you looking at porn on your laptop! She knows you were watching porn because she can see the hard on in your pants. She wants you to stroke it to her because she's so much younger & prettier than mommie... c'mon... she won't tell... She's super sexy & wants you to stroke it slow at first but she can't help it, she grabs your dick & starts jacking daddys big fat cock. It's turning her on so much to seduce her (step)daddy... she even wants to suck it a bit. C'mon, stroke it to daddys girl... It's a nice LONG jerk off & blowjob clip and she wants you to cum in her hands & she'll lick it all up... she won't tell her mom.... What a total slutty daughter she is! Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragementsinn sage taboo masturbation
Sinn Sage pussied panty jerk off - 7 MINS
You're on the couch with step-sis Sinn Sage, watching TV & she's wearing white panties and a small crop top. She catches you trying to take a pic of her big phat booty and she calls you out on it!! She knows you've been checking her out a lot lately so she calls you a pervert but then gets a sly look on her face.... she's such a troublemaker!! She teases you with a shot of her butt first. She tells you to stand in front of her & asks if you have a panty fetish. She pulls her white cotton panties up real tight & tells you to pull out your dick & start stroking. She pulls up the thin fabric right up against her pantied pussy & starts grinding & pulling the fabric tight in a rythemic motion. She even puts her hand underneath her white panties to rub. Sinn lifts up her legs & continues giving you a pantied pussy tease until you cum all over her white panties!!! Shhhh you can't tell Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragementtara rose taboo masturbation
Step Sis Raquel Teaches you to JO - 5 MINS
Your bratty step-sister Raquel comes home unexpectantly as you're on the couch stroking off! She's shocked that you're on HER side of the couch & you're tugging it like there's no tomorrow. She laughs at your attempts at stroking & wants you to follow her as she gives you very specific instructions & movements. She's demanding yet sensual, bratty yet cute. And she definately knows how to jerk off boys as per her detailed sexy instructions. She gives you a cum countdown & wants you to cum into her hands. She sniffs, inspects & tastes your cum... what a nice helpful older step-sis she is! Raquel is one of the better/sexier talkers for JOI! Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragementtara rose taboo masturbation
Step daughter Mina seduces you- 5 MINS
your adorable asian step daughter Mina is sneaking into your room & rifling through your pants pockets!! She THINKS she's being sneaky but she's actually quite loud when she snuck in! You wake up & confront her & she's startled and makes some excuse about having to go to the store, fully dressed in her cute schoolgirl outfit. She admits she's going to a party at a friends house but her dad is chaperoning! You don't believe her but she gets on the bed & starts begging you to go... she starts undoing her top & acting all cute & coy for you. You love hearing her beg & its gets you rock fucking hard. She sees it & tells you she really wants to see daddy jerk it to her. What a bad girl tease she is! You start stroking it to your sweet asian step daughter who you thought was so innocent this whole time but apparently she's not! Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragementtara rose taboo masturbation
Step sis Ela Darling lotioned hands! - 6 MINS
Ela Darling is your slutty step sister & you're in her closet watching her. She spots you & demands that you get out so she can have a talk.... she knows you've had a crush on her & she's gonna make sure you're jacking off the best you can! She puts a TON of lotion on her hands & rubs it all over & then reaches over to rub all the lotion on your cock, making it nice & slippery. You can hear the lotion making noises on her pale hands, slurping noises. She needs you to go faster & faster so you can CUM into her open hands! Then she's gonna rub it with her already lotioned hands & use your cum as LOTION & apply it onto her skin. She's going to go out with her friends with your cum as lotion on her arms! . Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragementtara rose taboo masturbation
Janira Wolfe foot fetish jerk off! - 6 MINS
At the sperm bank to donate & a lovely lady helps you at the desk. There's no magazines in your booth so you're taking a long time when you hear a knock & it's the slim hottie from the front desk. She asks if you need help & she can come in & assist. She starts taking off her top & then realizes you're staring at her black & gold leather heels. She teases you with her sexy high heels & then takes them off to reveal her pretty pale bare feet! She loves seeing how hard you get when she arches them & spreads her tiny toes for you. She's a perfect size 8 feet, big for her slim size body. She even reaches over with her feet to stroke it a little for you. She needs you to cum into the cup which she holds with her feet. Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragementtara rose taboo masturbation
Step-daughter Raquel teases Daddy! - 5 MINS
Brat step-daughters waiting for you on the bed & she has a few questions for you. You can't help but get hard being in such close quarters with her while she's in her cute pink bra, tight lil booty shorts & pink shoes. She knows you've been thinking about her and thinks there's nothing wrong with daddy stepdaughter relations, especially older men jacking it. She knows she looks just like mom... but WAY YOUNGER & WAY PRETTIER as well! She knows mom is getting old & ugly but she's still young & cute & bubbly!! So take your big thick dick out & stroke it for your Raquel. Brat girl is going to sneak a couple pictures with her cell phone because this just turned into BLACKMAIL! Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragementtara rose taboo masturbation
Tara Rose makes you a video from college! - 8 MINS
Redhead Tara Rose is off at her 1st year of college & she misses you so much she needed to make you a lil sexy video! She wants you to know she's doing well but getting distracted from school by all these cute boys (and girls) & she's getting into naughty trouble. She looks so cute in her plaid schoolgirl outfit & pigtails. She tells you she gave her first blowjob ever & she wants to practice again before she sees you. She misses youmore than she thought this 1st semester & she has to rub herself through her panties & show you her cute perky boobs & encourages you to jerk off to your sweetheart while she's away! A very innocent, cute tease. She's a college age pale skinned beauty with no tattoos. Download video now!
kenna valentina JO encouragementtaboo mom son busty JOI jerk off encouragement
Busty MILF Kenna V lubed JOI! - 6 MINS
REBOOT taboo jerk off instruction clip with the beautiful and busty Kenna V. who calls you into her room. She's wearing a very sexy lace bra & garter belt with black sheer stockings. She's going to teach you how to jerk off today... I think she's jealous because you're starting to befriend girls at school & maybe even start having a girlfriend... but she doesn't like that one bit & she's going to show you that you can get what you need right here! She has a bottle of lotion that she squirts into her palm so she can rub it on your big cock. She shows you lots of different stroking techniques & how to cup your balls & stroke the entire shaft, play with your swollen head that's dripping with precum. She talks softly and sexy to you, wanting to see her son cum his big load all over her big bouncy boobs, coaxing a nice big fat load out of you Download video now!
brooklynne briar JO encouragementbrookelynne Briar sister brother jerk off encouragement
Ela Darling climbs into bed with you! - 7 MINS
Ela Darling wakes you up in the middle of the night because she had a bad nightmare & wants to crawl into your bed. She gets under the covers & snuggles up to you with her ass against you, accidentally rubbing you a little bit... oops. she didn't mean that, she's just really cold but it's too late... you're getting super hard with your kin "innocently" rubbing against you. She turns around & tells you it's ok to jack off, she knows you've been thinking of her before. She wants to watch you jack your big dick because it's so naughty!! Shhhh... we can't be too loud or else others might hear. She loves watching you stroke in bed so closely.... she wants to see you cum & you just explode!! A little bit gets on her legs too Download video now!
brooklynne briar JO encouragementbrookelynne Briar sister brother jerk off encouragement
MILF teaches you how to jerk it! - 6 MINS
Sweet voluptuous MILF Ami comes into your room today to confront you about some crusty old socks she's found under your bed. Ami is wearing glasses & a sheer green nightie lingirie. She knows you're at the age of jerking off now & she totally wants to be helpful and guardian-like by giving you some vaseline (yes a big tub of it) and teaching you some great jerk off techniques. She's no sweet & motherly... wait, how did she know all these different jerk off tricks & techniques!?! Anyways, she wants to see a big cum shot out of her big boy! Ami takes off her tiny thong panties & gives them to you to use for next time. Download video now!
brooklynne briar JO encouragementbrookelynne Briar sister brother jerk off encouragement
Adele (Ela Darling) seduces you to JO! - 6 MINS
Your tall sexy slutty daughters friend is trying to sneak out of the house wearing the shortest lil mini dress that doesn't even cover her coochy & high hooker heels. It's your job to try and stop her but she's sooo convincing when she wants something. You find yourself staring at her long pale legs, almost getting a peek of her pussy as she's pleading her case... and she catches you! She knows what you want& that's to stroke your filthy cock while she watches & teases you. She even shows you a glimpse of her tight pussy & rubs it real quick, that's how turned on she is about seeing her friends dads big cock. She's gonna tease you til you cum hard!! and she's also gonna snap a pic so that way she has blackmail material on you. You know what...? She's gonna grab your credit card on the way out the door. Download video now!
brooklynne briar JO encouragementbrookelynne Briar sister brother jerk off encouragement
Older redhead MILF Pandora sexy JO! - 9 MINS
You're spying on your friends mom as she's lounging on her bed. Being a single mom she's often lonely so she likes to use her big dildo and please herself when she gets some free time. Pandora is around 45, a PAWG, phat ass white girl with red hair & big boobs & a very curvy ass & thick thighs. She sees you spying on her & is very mother-like about it. She knows you've got a hard on under there & she wants to watch you stroke off to make sure you know what you're doing. Lots of sexy dirty talk as she walks you through it. She even holds up her blk dildo and shows you the hand motions, even putting it in her mouth to tease you while you stroke for her. Lots of sexy soft talking, encouragement that only an older MILF can do! After you blow a big fat load for her she's going to play with her toy but you can't watch that yet! ! Download video now!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Sexy MILF Daisy gets so horny! - 4 MINS
Daisy is tall, slim, big boobed and very sensual and tonight, also very tipsy after she comes home from the bar without any prospects. She's so horny all the time & now she sets her sights on her lil nephew who's all grown up! You've always thought she was a hot MILF aunt & she's seen you checking her out enough times so today she wants to see what you're packing down there! She's very straightforward & surprised at your big cock! She wants to see you jerk it good for her & you're eager to give her a good show, showing her all your jerk off skillz. She's got a few of her own that she teaches you & she even shows you her shaved wet pussy; she's getting so turned on by watching you & she wants to see your big cumshot! She puts her hands out to catch it all & licks it all up while smiling slyly at you. Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Taboo hippie chick catches you! - 5 MINS
Hippie college chick Mystick is looking so cute while napping in bed that you decide to check her out even closer... the though of her pretty pale skin & pink lips gets you hard so you start jerking your cock. She wakes up & catches you jacking it over her & she's horrified & giggly about it. She kinda likes watching you and has a lot of jerk off instructions for you to follow along with, walking sexy & seductively even though she knows it's totally wrong to do that and very taboo. She wants to see you milk out a huge cumshot all over yourself but a drop of it gets on her too & she squeels loudly! Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
CFNM 3 girls laugh as you jerk it! - 7 MINS
You're a religious person going door to door to share the good word & today the lovely Katie M opens the door. She's got plans for you so she invites you into the house where her two GF's are, Sinn Sage & Cheyenne Jewel are hanging out. They pretend to be interested in your good word & discover that you're still a virgin & never been around this many cute girls alone before. Your cock starts getting involuntarily hard & they see it! Sinn wants you to take off all your clothes & even helps you remove them. They giggle & talk amongst themselves as you stroke it & evaluate your technique. Sinn & cheyenne even reach over & help stroke it with their hands too. They want to see you cum so you squeeze out a nice cum shot all over your hands. They're done with you so you can take your religious books & leave! . Download this video!
jazmyn joiJOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Alt tattood Jazmyn cute JOI! - 7 MINS
Alt tattooed girl JO encouragement where she practically begs you to watch him jerk his big man cock for her. She tells you she already knows that she gets you hard, recalling every time you spanked her over your knee, she could feel your hard bulge on her stomach. She touches you cock quickly & giggles & wants to watch you sooo bad! When you cum hard, some of the cum splashes on her & she touches & tastes it.... then she decides that she really could use her own car... & she has this dirty secret on you now! Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Nikki Next as your friends sis! - 5 MINS
lil brunette Nikki Next comes into your bedroom in her tiny booty shorts underwear & sees her friends brother (you, from your POV) jacking it! She wants to see what you've got & if it's as big as her gaurdians cock. She wants to see you stroke it as she watches & gives you some nice JO instructions, cute & innocently. Nikki Next is new & only 18yo. You can totally tell in the way she does the JO encouragement, all shy and sly at the same time. She coaxes a nice big cum shot out all over your hands & never misses an opportunity for a little blackmail.. Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Perverted teacher loves watching! - 6 MINS
pornstar Sinn Sage is your teacher & your sitting in detention after class. She knows you've been checking her out & kept you here on purpose, so she can spread her legs & show you her white cotton & sheer panties & give you a nice upskirt. This gets your dick rock hard & she's been noticing how much you've grown in the last year, becoming a man now! She loves teasing you with her pantied pussy, it's part cotton & the upper part of the panties are a white sheer so you can see the outlines of what's underneath. She wants to watch you jack off & even slips her hand underneath her panties to run herself for a few seconds. She pulls her panties nice & tight & wants you to jack off faster & faster until you cum on her panties & she's so turned on by all of this. Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Very taboo Kymberly & Katie! - 9 MINS
Kymberly Jane with her big ass boobs & cute redhead Katie Morgan give you jerk off instructions. Kym calls for a meeting when she finds sister Katie's lace panties in your room & confronts you about them. Have you been stealing Katie's panties & jerking off into them? And why does she have lacy sexy panties anyways demands Kym!? Kym wants to keep sex-ed in the fam since that's the best way to operate in this crazy world, two birds with one stone & teach you how to jack off AND teach lil Katie how to jack off a boy! Katie is appalled that she has to watch you jerk off but Kym INSISTS! Kym makes you take it out so she can inspect & gives you some great hand motions & jerk off advice as you follow her advice. Of course you want to do the best job possible and show them both that you know how to control your cock & not cum too fast! THey have lots of different techniques to try, but Katie speaks up with her own techniques too!! Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Older MILF Kyra Michelle! - 5 MINS
Kyra Michelle is a real older MILF in her mid 40's who loves seeing younger men jacking their dicks. You're her sons friend & you're hanging out on her bed waiting for her to get out of the shower. She comes out wrapped in a white towel only, which she does NOT take off. She knows what naughty thoughts are running through a young innocent boys mind & she's going to have some fun with you! She's gonna make sure you're got a nice big thick cock hiding underneath there & that you ALSO know how to use it! She's a soft sexy talker, very encouraging & sweet mommy-ish. She wants to coax the biggest and best cumload out of you yet & she wants you to milk all that cum in her hands so she can lick it and taste it to make sure your mom is feeding you good. Kyra is a legit older lady in her 40's & loves watching younger men stroking it. Download this video!
CFNM nikki nextCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
18YO Nikki Next newbie! - 7 MINS
Nikki Next is trying to sneak out of the house in a short sequined dress carrying her heels in hand when you wake up from being asleep on the couch! She makes up some excuse about going to the corner store but after grilling her she finally admits she's going to a party & begs you to let her go. She's sitting on the couch with her legs up so you can see her little red panties underneath & start getting so rock hard. You try to hide it but she spots your growing tent in your pants & calls you out on it! She knows you've enjoying watching her grow into a woman lately so she asks if she can see it just to see how big it is. She is very impressed & wants to watch you pleasure yourself. Nikki loves saying naughty taboo things as you jack it hard for her. You cum & some gets on her foot. S he sticks out her foot so you can lick it off like the taboo pervert you are! Afterwards, she threatens to tell mom if you don't let her go to this party & then take her shopping tomorrow ! Download this video!
CFNM Ebony Monica sisterCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Ebony Monica busts you jacking! - 5 MINS
Monica is a cute black girl around 19 years old & you're secretly spying on her changing in the closet. She's in sexy matching bra & panties showing off her cute body. She busts you in the closet with your cock out & you can't hide it in time. She's super giggly, like all girls her age, and confronts you about it & how long you've been watching her. She sits on her bed & tells you to keep going cuz she wants to watch her bro jack his dick & see how it's done. She's coy & giggly as she watches yet very innocent & sexy. You can't hold it & cum all over your hands & a lil drop hits her leg, which she touches & sniffs it. She knows this is so wrong to watch you; super hot CFNM jerk off. Download this video!
CFNM kymberly janeCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Bratty Slut Kymberly Jane! - 6 MINS
Older college girl Kymberly catches you spying on her in the bathroom touching your cock over your pants. She totallys calls you out on it but is such a total perv that she wants to watch a younger man jack off... except that you need a LOT of tips & also a view of her sexy bouncy boobies in her push up bra. She is both aggressive & bratty, two qualities any popular & pretty big sis would have, & demands things be done her way & laughs when you don't do it right. It's all good though, you know older slutty girls like her are perverts just like you & loves you no matter what! You cum a big load all over & she tells you to quickly clean up before the parental units get home in this taboo CFNM video! Download this video!
CFNM teacher student jerk offCFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Dirty teacher Ginger JO encouragementt! - 6 MINS
Redhead Ginger is your calm talking teacher today, wearing black pumps and black sheer pantyhose. She's kind of "alt" hipster and she's got a very chill matter of fact way of talking. You're in detention after class with her & she catches you checking her out and asks you point blank if you were. She can tell you're hard under your pants and starts teasing you with dangling her shoe & showing her sheer pantyhose. She totally wants to see you stroke it and make sure you're doing it right, her being a teacher & all. She wants you to blow your big boy load all over the floor so she can be reminded tomorrow when she sees the stains. What a total perverted teacher you have ! Download this video!
CFNM big booty JOICFNM JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
3 girls CFNM busted jacking it! - 6 MINS
You're work on Cheyenne Jewels farm & decided that on your break you're going to have a quickie jerk off behind the shed. They suddenly come around the corner & bust you with cock in hand! instead of running they come up to you & are laughing about it! They tell you to remove ALL your clothing, your workshirt & jeans so you stand there naked, outside on the farm in front of these 3 hotties. They encourage you to keep jacking off while they all watch & giggle & give you some hand motions. They're not being mean at all, but very giggly & coaxing. They want you to cum into their hand & all hold their hand out for you & tell you to squeeze all that cum out & fling it at you while laughing! Download this video!
orias jerk off instructionsorias bestat masturbation encouragement JO encouragement
Innocent Orias learns about jacking off! - 7 MINS
Orias is such a sweet cute talkative college girl as she plops on your bed to ask you as question about boys & what exactly do boys like. You decide the proper thing to do is to teach your sweet girl sexed at home & she squeals & covers her eyes when you pull out your big cock! She's shocked that you has a huge cock & eventually she starts watching... and asking a zillion questions because she genuinely wants to know. She mimics your hand movements & can't wait to see your big cum shot! She squeals as you milk your man cock for her. Now that she has this lil secret over you, she's gonna have sex with her boyfriend & you can't say a thing about it! Ha! Download this video!
sinn sage big booty JOItara tiedi JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Sinn Sage big booty jiggling! - 6 MINS
You wake up to see your friends sisters booty in sexy thong panties in your face as she's rifling looking for her basketball jersey. You're mezmerized at how big & round it is... she turns around & catches you. She calls you out on it but kinda likes teasing you, plus you can't hide that bulge since it's ready to POP out of your pants. Well she wants to see you stroke it.... while she teases you by bouncing her big booty in your face. Some nice closeups of booty clapping in her tight thong panties up her ass crack as older college girl Sinn teases you mercilessly until you milk your cock hard & cum all over her butt! She's horrified at what happened! Download this video!
redhead JO encouragement JOItara tiedi JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Redhead Ginger busts you in car! - 6 MINS
Ginger is a sarcastic hipster "alt" girl who's walking by & totally busts you jacking off in the car! She comes in & sits in the passenger seat because she wants to watch you... giving you lots of instructions & calling you a dirty perv. She's actually quite the perv herself and is enjoying watching you grip it tight and work that shaft fast. She wants to see you cum HARD & you do! She likes it but she quickly leaves as reality sets in of what a perv she was. She's a cute alternative girl in her 20's with red hair & pale skin. Download it now!
tara tied JO encouragement JOItara tiedi JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Perverted older woman teaches you! - 7 MINS
Busty MILF Kymberly comes in to apologize for getting mad at you for busting you jacking off & grounding you so harshly earlier. She feels bad about it as she explains & her white robe accidentally comes open so you see her sexy lacy lingirie she's wearing underneath. She sees how intrigued you are so she decides that it should be her job to teach you how to jack off & milk it well! Instructions that only older women can do best! She starts you nice & slow, then getting faster & hotter as she tells you to jack it faster & faster as she teases you with her sexy lingirie, bouncy boobs & sexy talk. She gives you a countdown to cum. Kym tastes her fingers to make sure it's not icky & you're eating your fruits! Download!
gianna love tied JO encouragement JOItara tiedi JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Gianna Love seduces you into jerking it! - 6 MINS
Gianna Love is your petite babydoll sized friend & she's doing yoga downstairs. You know she doesn't like people watching her do yoga but you had to get something from the basement & spot her in her tight little yoga shorts & tank top stretching. She spots you watching her & is startled but she knows that you were turned on watching her. She wants to see U have a big dick & wants to watch you stroke it while she asks questions. She's a cute petite girl, less than 5 ft tall & under 100lbs. She does stretches & encourages you to look at her ass while you jack it. She wants you to cum on her booty! She tells you if you don't want her telling she's going to make few demands Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragement JOItara tiedi JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Redhead Tara innocent JO encouragement! - 6 MINS
Tara Tied is such a sexy & innocent redhead & she catches you jerking off & is giggly shy. But she wants to ask you questions about how boys jerk off & what feels good to them so she'll know how to please & jerk off her boyfriend. You answer all her questions & show her how you love stroking that big man meat of yours! She sits nice & close to you on the couch & talks so innocently yet sexy in your face & starts rubbing her pussy over her little panties! You can't stop cumming now!! Tara knows she's got you by the balls Download video now!
lela beryl JO encouragement JOIenvii JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Sugar Baby Lela seduces you! - 6 MINS
Your cutie needs something from her sugar daddee and she's going to get all pouty if she doesn't get it! She's begging you but she can tell that you've been noticing her growth the last few years and becoming quite the sexual woman. She knows you're hard underneath your pants and is very pursuasive in letting you unzip & grabbing your hard cock & helping you jack it off! She knows that she's now sexier than your actual wife since she's getting older & wants to be your main girl now & tells you to cum hard. Download video now!
kyra JO encouragement JOIenvii JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
MILF Kyra in her 40's! - 6 MINS
Kyra Michelle is a bona fide MILF in her 40's and in this taboo JO encouragement scene you're spying on her but she busts you! She knows how to talk sexy & knows that you've been perving on her secretly. She knows all your dirty secrets and she also knows you have a nice big cock under there! She wants you to pull it out & it's already rock fuckin hard.... stroke it for your MILF as she tells you how to do it & do it well. She shows you her pink nipples & her milky white boobs cuz that's where she wants your cum shot.Download video now!
jazmyn JO encouragement JOIenvii JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Alt girl Jazmyn teaches you! - 6 MINS
Jazmyn is a super sexy & sensual young lady who also happens to be in your house & that you're creepin on while she is napping. You start stroking it over her body but she wakes up & is shocked you're right there hovering over her! She's very articulate in admonishing you but she does want to watch you stroke it while she makes sure you're doing it well & gives you instructions with her hands to follow. She's got a super sexy voice as she commands you. Wearing nothing but a wife beater (you can see her little nipples underneath) panties & striped high socks. She's super cute & alt too, with dark purple hair, tattoos all over. She's gonna to blackmail you afterwards & laughs. Download video now!
envii JO encouragement JOIenvii JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Exotic Envii busts you jacking it! - 6 MINS
College aged Persian Envii in her pink bra & panties totally bust you jacking off in her room! She's cute, around college aged and an exotic middle eastern look. She's kind of bossy & is horrified and grossed out that she just busted her friends brother but she's quick to go into older girl mode & tease you about how you're jacking it wrong & she gives you some hand motions to follow along & teach you. She totally acts her age & like a big mentor would if she really busted you, giggling & teasing love in a mean bratty way Download video now!
pandora JO encouragement JOIpandora JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Busty redhead MILF Pandora teacher her student! - 10 MINS
Sexy older redhead MILF Pandora is your teacher but she totally catches you trying to peek up her skirt! She's cheeky but understanding of your hormones in such a time & age & she's not going to reprimand you for it! Instead she's going to be very helpful in such a frustrating time & teach you how to stroke that piece of dirty meat between your legs so you'll no longer have a big boner in her class! She's sweet & instructional while being sexy. She undoes buttons on her white blouse to give you a peek down her top! she teaches you to slow it down so you don't cum as fast too! she makes you milk your cock all over the floor & enjoys what she sees. Download video now!
miss jasmine JO encouragement JOInatalie storm JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Asian MILF Jasmine perverted JO instructions! - 6 MINS
Eurasian MILF Miss Jasmine comes into your room to wake you up for school but instead she walks in on you JACKING OFF! Busted by mom! Well she's very understanding & not shocked... in fact she wants to see how to stroke your cock so she can make sure you're doing it well & give you some hot pointers too. She likes watching her boy jerk it & she tells you to put a finger up your ass while you're jacking. Lots of hand motions to follow with sexy verbal instructions too. Slow & hard but we go fast er & faster until you cum! She reaches over with her hands to touch & then taste it to make sure you taste good & healthy in this perverted unit you have. Download video now!
gianna love JO encouragement JOInatalie storm JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Baby doll cutie JO encouragement! - 6 MINS
Gianna Love is your kin ( very small, babydoll type body, innocent cute face & voice ) & you're spying on her changing in the fitting room next to hers. She spots you right away & demands you get down from there. She confronts you & notices you have a tent in your pants which she reaches over the grabs over your pants!! How naughty! she's very giggly and laughing about it, yet very innocent & cute. She's gonna you stroke your cock for her while she watches in amusement & it's slightly turning her on to but she doesn't want to be so forward about it! She can tell you're about to cum & she leans forward in cotton white & red heart panties & tells you to cum! Download video now!
natalie storm JO encouragement JOInatalie storm JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Natalie Storm college girl busts you! - 5 MINS
Natalie Storm is a VERY new fresh faced Eurasian girl who just happens to be your sisters friend & you're on her bed spying on her while she's coming out of the bathroom. She spots her panties in your hand & knows what you've been up to!! She's gonna have fun TEASING you with her sexy voice & she gives you tons of jerk off encouragement & instructions including TONS of hand movements, lots of sexy talk while being on the bossy/bratty college girl side! She's wearing a wife beater tank & pink hello kitty PJ shorts & looks 19. She makes you milk it faster & faster until you CUM & some of it hits her arm. she sneaks a lil taste of it before letting you know what you did was totally wrong & taboo Download video now!
katie JO encouragement JOIkatie JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Innocent Katie daughters friend! - 7 MINS
Your daughters friend, redhead Katie, surprises you as you come out of the shower into your bedroom! She's sitting there looking all cute in a miniskirt and has something she needs to ask you, she's seeing a boy in school & she wants to know more about the male anatomy & who better to show her than an older man? She knows you're hiding a nice big dick under there & coaxes you into showing her, saying that she'll keep your little secret. She asks you cute innocent questions but you KNOW she's not as innocent as she thinks... she shows you her bra and matching panties & really seduces you good, she's super sexy with her dirty naughty talk as she gets SO turned on watching her friends dad jack off! At the end, you give her a nice big huge cum shot & promises that the next time you'll get to FUCK... but now she needs your credit cards to go out! Download video now!
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Selena Stone busts you jacking in room! - 6 MINS
You're jacking off under the covers in your room when your college girl Selena Stone walks in on you! You try to look normal but she sees what you're doing underneath there & whips off the covers! You're shocked and try to cover it but she's feeling mischievious and wants to watch you jerk off still. She knows how perverted it is to watch you jacking your cock & she gives you instructions shyly while asking questions about your jerk off habits. You think she's secretly kind of getting turned on by innocently watching you. You can't hold it any longer & cum nice & hard all over the sheets. She's squeels as she watches you cumming and reaches over to touch your hot cum & taste it. She kind of makes a funny face, ! Download video now!
MILF JO encouragement JOIMILF JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Older MILF Christina nude JOI! - 5 MINS
Single mom Christina is in her 40's with dark hair & nice boobs that she loves to tease you with! Looks like she conveniantly forgot her towel so you get her one but you don't leave when she starts drying herself off... instead you're peeking & she calls you out on your hardon right away, She's very parental-like with how she instructs you, very precisely, giving you lots of HOT sexy older lady / younger man talk, showing you her nude body & encouraging you to stroke it nice & hard until you pop Download video now!
tara tied JO encouragement JOItara tied JOI jerk off instruction JO encouragement
Tara Tied redhead naughty JOI! - 6 MINS
Sexy & innocent looking Tara Tied has quite the job for herself when she busts YOU from YOUR POV, spying & jacking off to her. Well she's sly and is going to not only watch you with interest BUT give you some JO instructions and lots of hot sexy JO encouragement! What a naughty college girl she is as she works you FASTER & FASTER until you cum all over your hands & the bed!! Well... her tone changes because she knows you did a very taboo thing & she's going to BLACKMAIL you into being her cleaning bitch for awhile! ! Download video now!
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Asian Siren Thorn watches! - 6 MINS
Sister Siren Thorn is in her cheerleader uniform & she wanted to confront you about stealing her panties you dirty perv! She suspects you've been fantasizing about her & jacking off & who wouldn't!? She's so cute in her lil cheerleading uniform. She's gonna check to make sure you're jacking off the correct way & she gives you some good tips, hand motions and tons of encouragement to stroke it good for her! You dirty dirty pervert! She pulls down her cheerleading top to show her perfect big boobs & wants you to cum soon! SHOOT it all over her & her uniform you dirty boy! Milk it good for sexy asian Siren Thorn in taboo jerk off instruction video ! Download video now!
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Pornstar Sinn Sage JO encouragement! - 6 MINS
Sinn Sage the famous G/G pornstar has decided to start going boy/girl porn so she's going to audition men for her site. So you know part of the usual pornstar audition is to get wood & jerk off by yourself while the interviewer watches. and in this case it's just you and the lovely pornstar Sinn Sage ! You can't wait to get hard for her & show her that you're the best choice for male talent ever & she's impressed!! But can that big dick cum on command??? Lots of sexy talk with Sinn being herself, lots of hand motions and JO encouragement as she coaxes a huge big fat load out of your big cock!! HOT! ! Download video now!
whitney morgan JO encouragement JOIwhitney morgan JOI jerk off instructionJO encouragement
Whitney Morgan busts you jackin! - 8 MINS
It's tough being a single caretaker and you don't get much time alone but when you do, you try to "take care of business" & tonight you're on the laptop watching some porn & having a nice jerk off session.Whitney gallops into your room, taking you by surprise & you trhow your covers over your cock. Whitney totally busts you watching porno & she tries to be all innocent about it, asking you what you're watching... but she knows... that you were jacking your big cock under there & she wants to see! She pretends to be shocked but you know better & it's mega turning you on! She asks you innocent & cute questions while you stroke it & she's getting turned on... she wants to see you milk it all out!! But after you cum she BLACKMAILS you since she knows your dirty secret now Download video now!
star nine JO encouragement JOIstar nine JOI jerk off instructionorias bestat JO encouragement
Brookelynne Briar innocent cheerleader! - 5 MINS
Your sweet cheerleader Brooklynne Briar sneaks up on your as you're watching some porno in your office area in the home. She bounces up and you don't have time to conceal the XXX you're watching & she sees it on the computer screen. At first she's like "EWWW, gross you old pervert " but then she's feeling playful & naughty and wants to see you jack off his big fat dick while she teases you with her sexy cute cheerleader uniform. She's getting so turned on watching you stroke while she sits with her legs spread... ! She can tell you're about to cum & she really gets you going, rubbing her pussy through her panties underneath and this cutie is gonna cum at the same time you blow your jizz ! Download video now!
star nine JO encouragement JOIstar nine JOI jerk off instructionorias bestat JO encouragement
Pornstar Jassie JO Instructions! - 5 MINS
Pornstar Jassie plays an older female in the house while you are spying on her in the closet with your dick in hand! She makes you come out to confront you but she's got a naughty streak of her own so she's gonna have fun with your innocent ass!! She's gonna make sure you're doing it correctly so you have to show her how you jack off now. She might ahve some good pointers for you & shows you with her hands.... go faster & faster until you're ready to show her what a big cum load you have!! A lil drop even gets on her & she's impressed at how much CUM you milked out for her. She loves watching you & maybe this'll happen again such a pervert she is! Download video now!
star nine JO encouragement JOIstar nine JOI jerk off instructionorias bestat JO encouragement
Star Nine dirty sedection on your bed! - 6 MINS
Sexy blond model star Nine is your son's girlfriend & she's been hanging out in your room waiting for you get back home. She's got a confession, that she wants to see your penis to see if you're small like her BF, but fortunately, you've got a nice big fat cock in there for your Son's GF. She's acting all coy & shy but you know she knows how to be a bad girl! She talks sexy to you, showing you her perky little boobies and sexy lace panties under her dress! She coaxes you to cum for your lil girl and she loves watching you squeeze & milk your dick as she encourages you in her sexy soft voice! HOT family taboo jerk off encouragement perverted! Download video now!
whitney morgan JO encouragement JOIwhitney morgan JOI jerk off instructionorias bestat JO encouragement
Whitney Morgan Taboo JO Instruction! - 9 MINS
Taboo JO instruction & masturbation encouragement with lovely blonde Miss whitney Morgan! She totally busts you stroking it in the bathroom, thinking you had some privacy but that dang broken lock!! At first she's a little condecending to you but she decides to be a nice college girl & use her milky sexy voice to tell you and show you how she wants you to JERK OFF for her, giving you lots of good motions to follow while talking dirty talk to you, keeping you going & fast & furious the whole time. She wants you to milk that pipe so good & her slow sexy sultry voice keeps talking you through it!! After you CUM good for her, she knows the ball is now in her court & she ends this video with a little blackmail... yup, she's going to make you her toilet cleaning bitch!! LOL what a smart girl she is, playing you and your dad while keeping your dirty secrets Download video now!
candle boxx JO encouragement JOIcandle boxx JOI jerk off instructionorias bestat JO encouragement
Candle Boxx taboo sperm bank JO! - 8 MINS
You're in a room at the sperm bank trying to jerk off into a cup but it's not working!! You're fail to produce & are getting frustrated when in waltzes in innocent Candle Boxx wondering what you're doing & that she's hungry! Well she catches you with dick in hand & now this clinic all makes sense to her!! You're at the spermbank but you're taking so long that she decides to take matters into her own hands & use her body & sexy lil girl voice to get a nice big cumshot out of you!! With her big pouty lips & big breasts & she's had a feeling that you're a secret dirty old man who wants to see this innocent cutie buck naked! well she does just that & uses her cute lil girl voice to seduce you so good, giving you hot perverted words to milk that big dick as she gets naked! She wants to be your absolute taboo favorite lil girl to stroke to Download video now!
candi apple JO encouragement JOIorias bestat JO encouragement
Candi Apple as your friends perverted mom! - 5 MINS
Sexy pornstar Candi Apple is back, this time as your friends hot mom. Your friend leaves to run to the store & candi comes into his room where you're hanging out. She confesses she's always thought you were hot & now that you're more grown, she started fantasizing about you, She thinks you have a nice big man sized cock under your pants so you set out to prove her right! You pull it out proudly & she encourages you to relieve your big cock of it's load. She gives you lots of hand motions and stroke off instructions plus lots of verbal encouragement as well. Telling you to grip it tight & squeeze it all the way up & down! She wants to see your big cum load & works you up to a fast finish, you're so horny you can't hold it back Download video
orias bestat JO encouragement JOIorias bestat JO encouragement
Orias Bestat UNCIRCUMSIZED cock JOI! - 6 MINS
Orias Bestat is on a date with you & you come back to her place & she wants to see whats under your jeans! You pull it out & it's rock fucking hard already. She comments that it's UNCIRCUMSIZED & she's never seen an UNCUT cock this close up & boy does she have a lot of questions & she wants a front row seat for the show! She loves watching you stroke it & wants to know all about your jerk off habits & how you do it with a hood on & it's also turning her on! She's so cute & innocent about the whole thing & when she sees you're about to bust a nut, she sinks to her knees so she can have a closeup view & also taste it on her hands when you cum so good & hard for her. She tells you she likes uncut cocks now Download video now!
selena stone JO encouragement JOIselena stone JO encouragement
Selena Stone brothers friend watches you! - 6 MINS
You're having a cigarette with your best friends girlfriend while he ran out for some errands. She lights up a smoke & admits to you that she's had a crush on you for awhile & thinks you're quite hot. She wants to see the size of your package since she's such a horny perv... she tells you to take it out & is impressed with what she sees. She is smoking & tells you to stroke it for her while she watches... giving you some hand motions to follow. She's kind of shy & she is not commanding, more like shy & matter of fact. She is getting turned on watching you and encourages you to cum! She wants you to cum in her hands & holds out one hand... she then licks up all your cum! Download video now!
candle box JO encouragement JOIcandle boxx JO encouragement
Taboo Candle Boxx fitting room JO! - 8 MINS
You're in the changing room spying on very sexy college girl Candle Boxx as she's trying on clothes, but she looks up and busts you spying on her! She makes you come into her dressing room & confronts you playfully... she knows you've been hard for her for awhile now & she is so pervy & naughty she loves teasing you! She encourages you to stroke off to her right now & she undoes her blose to reveal her beautiful big boobs & rubs herself over her tight blue jeans!!! SO HOT & she knows all the juicy dirty right things to say too as you jack it. She peels off her jeans too & shows you her beautiful bare nude pussy with the small landing strip patch! She coaxes you to go faster & faster & not make too much noise as you milk all that cum into her open mouth! You know you can't tell anyone about this dirty naughty interaction Download video now!
candi apple JO encouragement JOIcandi apple JO encouragement
Candi Apple Masturbation Encouragement in bathtub, taboo scenario CLIP IS KIND OF DARK, JUST WARNING YOU! You're taking a bath in the shared bathroom between you & pornstar blonde candi Apple. You're so silent in there that she doesn't even notice you're in there until you've been watching her & you've got a boner. She sees you and then sees your hard dick... and wants to see more! She gives you a lot of jerk off hand motions, talking in a soft slow voice. Most of the actions are nice & slow, not fast or rushed. She doesn't let you cum too fast though, even giving you some tease & denial, telling you to stop touching your cock so you don't cum too fast. She is nice, not demanding or commanding, just nice. When you're ready to cum, she holds her hand out so you can cum in her hands & she can taste ! Download video now!
sinn sage JO encouragement JOIsinn sage JO encouragement
Pornstar Sinn Sage public bathroom JO encouragement! - 5 MINS
Pornstar Sinn Sage comes into the womens bathroom & confronts you, from your POV, as to why you're in the womens bathroom in the first place. She's such a total pervert & notices your bulge in your pants so she demands you take it out & show her right now because she could easily report you to your boss & the authorities for being a pervert!! Well little do you know but Sinn Sage is a total pervert as well! She loves watching strange men in public bathrooms jack off their dicks & it's turning her on as well... as she reaches under her skirt to rub herself. She starts rubbing her tits and shows them to you to wank harder. You know where she wants you to cum??? She kneels down and opens her mouth so you can cum hard in her mouth as she rubs her pussy underneath her skirt and licks every last drop! Download video now!


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